Vice Chair, Leyton & Whips Cross Community Council

My speech to the December meeting of the Leyton & Whipps Cross Community Council, when I was elected Vice Chair.

Hello everyone.

My name is Miranda Grell. I was born in Lyttelton Rd in Leyton ward and have lived here all my life.

I like where I live but – like everybody here – I’m always thinking that things could get better. That’s why I started coming along to our Community Council meetings.

I think the Community Councils give us local residents a real chance to have our say. I am always very impressed with the good interaction between our local councillors and the residents who attend.

Many of you here will know that I’m a regular attendee of these meetings and I always have something to say!

That’s why many of my friends and neighbours have asked me to stand for Vice Chair of the Community Council tonight.

So why do I think you should elect me your Vice Chair?

Well, firstly I should say that I’ll never be able to replace Sheila Bass and all her years of tireless and frankly amazing service. Sheila was an example to every resident in Waltham Forest. I marvel at how much she managed to take on – all with great success. I would not even try to fill Sheila’s shoes but what I would do is be a passionate advocate for residents living in Leyton, Forest and Grove Green wards. I think I have the confidence and skills to get our messages across.

I am hardworking and enjoy being active in my community, as many of you will know.

I’m a school governor at George Mitchell in Farmer Rd and I was recently appointed the Leyton ward Community Champion for Jobs. At 27, I am still young – I think! and have a lot of time and energy to give. If elected, I would work hard for you alongside our excellent Chair Steve Williams – I welcome his relection.

So that’s just a little bit about why I’ve decided to stand tonight.

I’d really like to do this job because I know that I could do it well.

I hope you will agree and that you will support me and vote for me tonight to become your Leyton & Whipps Cross Community Council Vice Chair.

Thank you.

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