A More Colourful Drive Time

Being interviewed by Henry Bonsu on Colourful Radio's Drivetime show

On Friday, after a hard day at work, I caught the train down to Battersea, to take part in radio presenter Henry Bonsu’s drivetime show on new station ‘Colourful Radio’.

Colourful is a new national digital talk, cross-cultural radio station. Launched on 30 May 2006, the station’s format is a rich mix of news, current affairs and journalism, agenda-setting coverage, short documentaries, drama, panel discussions, phone-ins and a liberal sprinkling of music. The station airs on the Sky Digital platform Channel 0194. It can also be heard online at www.colourfulradio.com and across the Colourful Network websites.

Colourful Radio's Drivetime Presenter Henry Bonsu
I felt really honoured to be invited onto the show, as Henry Bonsu is a seriously distinguished presenter. Henry (pictured right) has anchored BBC Radio London’s Drivetime show, appeared as a panellist on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff and now appears as a news commentator on Radio 5 Live, Sky News, and Channel 4’s Richard and Judy show.

Henry interviewed me about my new role as a Leyton ward councillor and we also talked about the situation in Darfur, youth, housing and whether people still trust local politicians(!)

I express my thanks to Colourful Radio Researcher Vania Mendes and Producer Rosie Collyer (both pictured below) for putting me at such ease throughout the interview. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was great to be able to share my experiences as a Leyton councillor with a wider audience.

Colourful Radio Researcher Vania Mendes and Producer Rosie Collyer

To find out more about Colourful Radio and to listen to my interview with Henry Bonsu, go to: www.colourfulradio.com, click on Henry Bonsu’s ‘webpage’, then click on ‘2006-09-15 17-00-00.mp3. 15/09/2006 18:00:00’.

3 thoughts on “A More Colourful Drive Time”

  1. i heard you on the station and i think you did really well with henry’s role play about how you’d convince an uninterested local to speak to you. it was hard to believe that you were nervous about being on radio!
    you seem to have the passion for politics associated with a lot of grassroots politicians. i hope you don’t change when you get ‘up there’ with the rest of them.

  2. Thanks, Ngum. You are very kind! I will be sure to heed your words, which I fully agree with. Once a politician loses their base, they are nothing, and that’s why in the next four years, my ward comes first 🙂 Take care and keep in touch.

  3. Hi Miranda
    Thanks for the link and the kind words. It was a pleasure having you on the show. Best wishes,

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