BSWN Race and Justice conference

It was such an honour to host Black South West Network’s (BSWN) first ever ‘Race and Justice’ conference, which took place on Thursday 14th September 2023 in Bristol.

The conference explored ideas and actions needed to widen Access to Justice for people living in the South West of England, particularly Black and Minoritised communities living in the region.

The conference’s focus on Black communities was due to the disproportionately awful challenges we face in the criminal justice system, housing, employment, health, education, and many other areas.

In all of these areas so far, it has been very difficult for ordinary people to connect with lawyers or people who understand the legal system. This has led to disempowerment, distress and desolation.

BSWN’s Race and Justice conference is a first step on the road to improving lives, through access to justice, in this very special region of England.

My key message to the conference was that Access to Justice is about more than just law. Everyone, whatever their personal or professional background, can play their part.

I feel privileged to have been included in the start of BSWN’s exciting work on this and I’m looking forward to helping the wonderful BSWN team drive it forward in whatever way I can.

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