Debating Councillor Allowances on ‘Today’

In the Today Programme Studio with Sarah Montague & Edward Stourton

I popped up to the BBC Television and Radio studios in White City on Tuesday morning, to take part in a studio debate on Radio 4’s flagship political programme ‘Today’ with presenters Sarah Montague (pictured above left) and Edward Stourton (pictured above right).

The independent local government Think Tank, the New Local Government Network (NLGN), has published a new pamphlet entitled ‘Local Government: Young at Heart?‘, which calls for councillors – particularly young councillors – to receive better pay and conditions. The NLGN asked me to go on the programme to talk about what my role as a councillor involves Continue reading “Debating Councillor Allowances on ‘Today’”

Giving Britain’s Black Communities a real Voice

The GV Media Headquarters in Docklands

I went to my first Christmas party on Friday, at the GV Media Headquarters, home to the Voice Newspaper, which reports on issues of importance and interest to Britain’s African, Caribbean and Black British communities.

I’ve been reading the Voice since I was little so it was really great to visit its headquarters and have a snoop around the newsroom. Continue reading “Giving Britain’s Black Communities a real Voice”