A More Colourful Drive Time

Being interviewed by Henry Bonsu on Colourful Radio's Drivetime show

On Friday, after a hard day at work, I caught the train down to Battersea, to take part in radio presenter Henry Bonsu’s drivetime show on new station ‘Colourful Radio’.

Colourful is a new national digital talk, cross-cultural radio station. Launched on 30 May 2006, the station’s format is a rich mix of news, current affairs and journalism, agenda-setting coverage, short documentaries, drama, panel discussions, phone-ins and a liberal sprinkling of music. The station airs on the Sky Digital platform Channel 0194. It can also be heard online at www.colourfulradio.com and across the Colourful Network websites Continue reading “A More Colourful Drive Time”

What’s the Hidden Agenda?

I have recently begun to write a column for fab youth website ‘Hidden Agendas’ to share my experiences as a new “young” local councillor.

Hidden Agendas is the website where young people go for political opinion, debate and action. It offers a place to explore ideas, discuss a broad range of issues and make contact with campaigning organisations. It provides progressive young people with a gateway from single issues to the wider world of politics Continue reading “What’s the Hidden Agenda?”