What’s the Hidden Agenda?

I have recently begun to write a column for fab youth website ‘Hidden Agendas’ to share my experiences as a new “young” local councillor.

Hidden Agendas is the website where young people go for political opinion, debate and action. It offers a place to explore ideas, discuss a broad range of issues and make contact with campaigning organisations. It provides progressive young people with a gateway from single issues to the wider world of politics.

Hidden Agendas’ editors are David Floyd who works for Social Spider, the award-winning not-for-profit design company that built the site, Neill Harvey-Smith who runs Debate Chamber, the debate and public speaking specialists, and journalist Chris Wearmouth.

The media say that young people are apathetic about politics. The truth is that young people care passionately about the world – and about all issues, not just the stereotype ‘youth issues’ which directly affect their current lives. The site aims to bring those Hidden Agendas out into the open, providing young people with a home for opinion, debate and action.

To find out more and to read my first, and future, Hidden Agendas columns go to www.hiddenagendas.co.uk

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