Talking Women and Politics with Meg Munn MP

Talking Women with Meg Munn MP

After a month spent settling into my new role, I took some time out of my local Councillor schedule to attend an informal Westminster tea and coffee session with Meg Munn MP (pictured next to me in the centre), the Deputy Minister for Women at the new Department for Housing, Local Government and Communities.

I joined five other “young” (do I still count as young?!) people, working in and around British politics, for a really good discussion about women and politics. How can we get more women interested in local politics? Could electing more female councillors be a way to attract more women into Parliament? Continue reading “Talking Women and Politics with Meg Munn MP”

Lammy Lays into LibDem’s Library Lies!

Local protestors make our voices heard

David Lammy MP, Government Minister for Libraries, visited Leyton Library today to learn more about the scandal engulfing the local Liberal Democratic party.

Mr Lammy was shocked to hear that local Liberal Democrat councillors proposed selling Leyton Library in the town hall BUT THEN ALSO started a petition AGAINST selling it because of May’s local council elections Continue reading “Lammy Lays into LibDem’s Library Lies!”

International Women’s Day 2006: Female MPs call for an end to domestic violence

Cllr Stella Creasy and me with Meg Munn MP, Minister for Women

Lea Bridge Ward Councillor Stella Creasy and I were invited to a special meeting at the House of Commons on Thursday, to celebrate international women’s day with women MPs, including Meg Munn, Minister for Women and Cabinet Minister, Harriet Harman, and to discuss with them the work they are doing to stamp out domestic violence.

Stella and I were then invited to observe a special parliamentary debate in the House of Commons Chamber, where the MPs debated the forthcoming Domestic Violence National Action Plan and other anti-domestic violence initiatives being taken through Parliament. Continue reading “International Women’s Day 2006: Female MPs call for an end to domestic violence”