Thank You for Electing Me Your New Local Councillor!

With James Fitzpatrick, the best agent in the world.

The first (and most important) person I wish to express my appreciation to is my agent James Fitzpatrick (pictured above with me at the end of the count) over the last few months. James managed a brilliant borough campaign and also put up with many of my candidate tantrums!

James is the best agent in the world.

I was very, very, very lucky to have him running my first – and therefore most special – election campaign.

With Simon Wright

I also wish to thank my running mates Simon Wright (pictured above) and Nicholas Russell, for the part they played in helping me get elected. I wish Simon and Nicholas well with all their future endeavours.

A special thanks to Nicholas’ partner Georgina. Georgie, you are a very special person and I am really pleased I got the chance to know you. Thank you so much again for everything you contributed to this campaign. You are amazing. xxxxxx

The emotional discovery that I have won

My mum Jane, too (with whom I am pictured above – I had just found out that I’d won and was very emotional) was a stalwart of the campaign.

I couldn’t have wished for a better friend, morale boosting champion, leaflet deliverer and campaign strategist. She also helped me to remember to eat!

Thank you for electing me your new Leyton ward councillor!

If you would like to discuss your priorities for the ward, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I shall post details of times and venues of my surgeries as soon as they have been confirmed.

For full results from the Waltham Forest local elections go to

6 thoughts on “Thank You for Electing Me Your New Local Councillor!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS MIRANDA!! It’s a win for you, for Leyton and for Labour. You made it happen, never gave up the fight, lead a great team and Leyton has now got the best Councillor there is! I know you will keep up the good work for the people of Leyton and do fantastic work for the next four years and beyond.

  2. Well done Miranda. Nice to see you buck the trend and gain a seat for Labour. Good luck in your new role.

  3. Miranda, the residents of Leyton are very, very lucky people. Those of us who know you well are in complete admiration of your hard work, determination, and drive. Congratulations on your fantastic result. You will be a wonderful councillor.

  4. Congratulations once again Miranda, only wish I could have stayed on and been able to work there with you.

    Good luck !

  5. Congrats Miranda!!! You certainly deserved to win and I know you’ll work very hard for the Beaumont & Leyton.
    Be in touch soon, Jane

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