Celebrating Our Best Tutors

Last night, I was invited to be a guest of honour at a wonderful awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of pupils from the Best Tutors supplementary school in Church Rd. Lord Nasir Ahmed of Rotherham (pictured above centre) was the chief guest of honour..

The Best Tutors school was opened in 1993 by Dr Nasir Ahmed (pictured above left) to supplement the formal education local children were receiving. Many of their parents felt that their children was not fully reaching their potential in the mainstream schools they were attending.

Dr Ahmed started the school with three pupils. Now it has over three thousand (!!!), with many children travelling from as far as Slough and Hounslow to take classes during the week and at weekends.

The school is currently experiencing difficulties with the council’s planning department – it is seeking modifications to the building. There is a concern that Best Tutors may have to discontinue its activities if it fails an appeal.

Councillors and council candidates present did not make false promises or guarantee a positive concrete outcome. However, the school received our full support and I am assisting its campaign energetically.


I receive a bouquet thanking me for my support for the school

Dr Nasir Ahmed presents me with a bouquet to thank me for the support I am giving the school.

Giving a little speech

I share a few words with the parents and pupils of Best Tutors.

With the delightful Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

With Chief Guest Lord Nasir Ahmed of Rotherham, a businessman, who was appointed as a Life Peer by the Queen in 1998. At the time, Lord Ahmed was Chair of the South Yorkshire Labour Party and Vice Chair of the South Yorkshire Euro-constituency. Lord Ahmed is founder of the British Muslim Councillors’ Forum and a full time Senior Advisor to the Home Office on Muslim issues.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Best Tutors”

  1. I have come to know that the best tutors is in crisis these days. The centre will be shut very soon. Or may be it has got the last warning to close the school. Can you tell me the reason of it and why this is happening. If the centre will be moved, where will all the local students go>??? and what about the parents who have already paid the deposit for their childrens tuition. could you please elaborate it to me thanks

  2. Hi Uzma, I’m not on the council anymore so not sure what’s happening since I left but I know that Cllr Afzal Akram has been working very hard to negotiate with the school and the council to see what solutions might benefit the pupils, the school and the council. You can contact Cllr Akram and your other local councillors through Waltham Forest Town Hall on 0208 496 3000. Kindest regards and sorry I’ve not been able to update you properly. Miranda

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