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Was chuffed to see my friends at local, Walthamstow based, social enterprise Social Spider getting major credit in this week’s Society Guardian for their brilliant magazine ‘One in Four’.

One in Four is a magazine that sets out to assist and give a real voice to people who suffer from mental health problems, from the mildest depression to the severest schizophrenia.

The magazine is specifically aimed at younger people and is packed with loads of practical advice and supportive articles to help people who are ‘down’ to try and lead a normal life.

Before I was put through a series of traumatic experiences, which began in April 2007, I had never suffered any kind of mental health problem, but months of stress and injustice finally took their toll and last year I finally realised I was suffering from what’s called a “depressive reaction” (a form of depression which occurs as a direct reaction to a traumatic experience). I only realised it was a “depressive reaction” when I read an article discussing depression in ‘One in Four’.

Luckily, thanks to the continued and strong support of family and good friends who completely believe in my innocence, the strengthening of my faith, some excellent local NHS counselling, and through reading positive magazines like ‘One in Four’, I managed to get through this awful period and am now completely “myself” again.

I am delighted that the guys at Social Spider are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve for this magazine and the other excellent initiatives they’re involved in.

I would urge any local NHS practictioners reading this blog post to encourge Waltham Forest PCT to support a good local social enterprise, and contact Social Spider to find about more about One in Four and their other excellent work.

Well done again guys!

The borough is lucky to have you.

– To read this week’s Society Guardian article about Social Spider’s ‘One in Four’ magazine click HERE.

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