2 thoughts on “Free Tube Travel Scheme Extended”

  1. What about help with travel costs for p/t workers? We do not get a look in the world of Labour. We get hammered by Council Tax rises higher than the rate of inflation, hammered by higher energy prices, priced of planet earth when it comes to looking for property, and the lower paid, particularly if you are single, were hammered by the so-called prudent Chancellor.

    And if you suffer from a mental health disabilty we can just forget it with Labour, and with the other parties as well to be fair!

    We are just treated as a money-raising machine, and it is not a pretty sight!

    Ripped of by National, Regional, & Local Govt.

  2. Hi Robert, you’re in luck now actually! The Mayor plans to introduce half price fares for people on incapacity benefit and income support. That should go some way to easing their financial travel burden I hope. Re the part time travel, I agree with you. Happy to talk more about a campaign. Happy Easter and see you soon! Miranda

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