George Mitchell’s Community Banquet

Table One of GM's Community Banquet

George Mitchell School, where I have the privilege of being a governor, held a Community Banquet last week, to thank the local community for supporting the school as it continues its formidable march onwards and upwards.

Over 47 organisations were represented at the banquet from parents to governors to local businesses to the police to the local paper. All of us have a strong connection with the school and a strong desire to see it thrive and prosper.

Darren & Lorna from Strictly Dance Fever entertain us

As well as enjoying the delicious food and wonderful company, guests at the banquet were entertained by opera singers, magicians and the fantastic Darren and Lorna (pictured above) from the BBC’s ‘Strictly Dance Fever‘ programme.

Lynn, Androlla and Shakault

I must make a special mention of three ladies, governor Lynn Bennett (pictured above left), George Mitchell’s wonderful administrator Andoulla Christodolou (pictured above centre) and governor Shaukault Khan (pictured above right).

Lynne and Shakault have given years of service to the school and Lynne has also assisted other schools in the borough implement their Special Education Needs (SEN) policies. Androulla is the superb administrator who keeps the Geroge Mitchell governing body ticking like clock work. I really enjoy working with such nice people.

Head Teacher Helen Jeffery thanks the local community for supporting George Mitchell

Well done again to George Mitchell’s fantastic Head Helen Jeffery (pictured above giving her speech) and Deputy Head Claire Kirwin. Claire made the entire event happen. I am in total admiration of her never-ending energy and creativity.

Thank you again for an excellent Community Banquet.

George Mitchell’s pupils and the Leyton community are lucky to have you.

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  1. Thank you for a great article here Miranda, and thanks again for your support to the school.

    Best wishes Claire x

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