2 thoughts on “Hooray for Alan Johnson”

  1. OK, that might be a sensible one. But sacking Prof Nutt by e-mail…?

  2. Can’t say I’m much interested in the Prof Nutt furore. All I know is that cannabis (especially skunk) has known links to schizophrenia. I know more than a couple of late twenty/ early thirty somethings who used to be lively, articulate and lucid before they got hooked on cannabis but are now walking, barely talking jibbering wrecks (one is in prison for murder, another moved onto heroin and is now on methadone….).

    THIS, however, is definitely one area where the new and improved Home Office looks set to get it wrong. I really hope it’s not true and the new and improved Home Secretary will bring some common sense to this area too…..

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