Jon Cruddas in this week’s Voice Newspaper

Just before Christmas, I posted a story about the Voice Newspaper and why I believe that the leadership of the Labour party should do more to cultivate the UK’s ethnic media in the same way they cultivate the mainstream tabloids and broadsheets – particularly when you consider that four out of five BME citizens will vote Labour if they actually go out and vote.

On top of this, I have also recently been informed that one-fifth of all Labour party members are estimated to be of Black or Minority Ethnic Origin. This is a staggering figure considering that BME communities only make up eight per cent of the UK population.

With this in mind, I was therefore absolutely delighted to open this week’s Voice newspaper (which came out this morning) and see this fantastic interview with Jon Cruddas MP, who is running for Deputy Leader of the Labour party.

The interview confirms to me why I chose to back Jon Cruddas and why I will continue to back him. Here is someone who actually wants to reach out to Labour’s traditional supporters and win back their trust.

Jon Cruddas is the first and only Deputy Leadership candidate to have done an interview in the Voice.

As a Black councillor, I have been even more reassured by this interview that Jon will be a powerful voice for BME members if he becomes the Deputy Leader of our party.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I only got back to LDN last night and might have missed this otherwise (Scrybe makes mental note to hit the newsagents before work tomorrow).

    Happy new year.

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