Kreative Culture Klub does Leyton ward Proud!

I watched today’s Daily Politics Show (on BBC 2) earlier and am feeling really, really emotional.

Back in March, the producers contacted me to talk about a feature they were looking to do on anti-social behaviour.

To cut a long story short, I told them that we had this fantastic youth club being run in Leyton ward, with no premises and little funding, and that I thought it would be good for the Daily Politics to do a piece on them, to show some of the positive work the group is doing.

Fast forward a couple of months and we get today’s truly excellent show featuring Leyton ward’s Kreative Culture Klub (KCK)!

The group was the star of today’s programme and I am so so proud of them all!

I really hope that, as a result of seeing KCK’s superb apperance today, someone will now help the group secure the LONG TERM funding it desperately needs.

Well done again all!!!

You did Leyton ward proud today and I feel so proud to be your local councillor!! 🙂

To contact KCK, email Yvonne Bailey on:

To watch today’s marvellous Daily Politics show, featuring Leyton ward’s Kreative Culture Klub, click HERE.

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