Leyton Remembers

Coronation Gardens wreathes 2006

This morning I took part in Leyton’s very moving remembrance Sunday ceremony and church service. Leyton’s war veterans, councillors and local residents gathered together in Coronation Gardens to pay our respects to those who lost their lives in the first and second world wars, fighting to secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

Reverend Tim Davies conducts Coronation Garden's service

After a lovely sermon conducted by the Reverend Tim Davis (pictured above), we all made our way to St Mary’s Parish Church, in Church Rd, for the official church service.

Thank you again to the wonderful members of the Royal British Legion’s Leyton branch who work so hard every year to make Leyton’s Remembrance Sunday special.

The Leyton branch does absolutely sterling work supporting our war veterans and their families all year around and I felt honoured to be part of their ceremony and service today.

Below are some snaps of the occasion. Many thanks to Amy and Jane Duran (pictured below) who took many of them for me….

My photographers for the day, Amy and Jane Duran


British Legion Pipe Band leads the Leyton procession

The British Legion’s superb pipe band leads our procession to St Mary’s Church.

One of the pipe band's young musicians

One of the pipe band’s young musicians.

The Labour councillors with Mr and Mrs Moore from the British Legion

With Mrs Moore (secretary to the ladies section of the British Legion Leyton branch), Mr Moore, (secretary of the British Legion Leyton branch), Cllr Tarsem Bhogal, Cllr Elisabeth Davies and Cllr Faiz Yunis after the church service.

With the Reverend Tim Davis after the church service

With the Reverend Tim Davis after his first ever Leyton remembrance Sunday service. Well done Tim, you did well!!!

Pipe Band round off the day

The Pipe Band rounds off the day back at the British Legion’s local HQ.

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