Leyton’s Cinderellas Shall Go to the Ball!

Mum and Mrs Lewis get on down

A massive, massive thank you to Team Leyton, the organisation charged with administrating Leyton’s ‘neighbourhood renewal’ funding, for organising the best ball I’ve ever been to.

On Friday night, Leyton ward’s residents got glammed up for a night on the tiles at the Score Building in Oliver Rd.

The delicious sit down dinner

After a delicious sit down dinner of curry goat, chicken and vegetable curry, residents were treated to an evening of singing, belly dancing and up lifting speeches, before we all hit the dance floor.

With Team Leyton's Natalie Creary and Pam Millington

Very well done to Natalie Creary(pictured next to me left) and Pam Millington (picured next to me right), for organising such a lovely event.

The ball was so good, residents are already asking me when Team Leyton will be organising the next one!


Leyton's recycled teenagers show the youngsters how it's done

Leyton’s “recycled teenagers” Sarah, Rose, Jane and Kathy, show the youngsters how it’s done.

DJ Dawayne gets the whole floor moving

DJ Dawayne gets the whole floor moving.

The one and only Electric Slide

Are they really doing the Electric Slide!!?!?!!?!!!

Leyton raves

The Best rave I’ve ever been to 🙂

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