Please Help To Stop Job Cuts At National Grid

Dear Colleagues
I am emailing to ask you to help save 189 vital jobs in the North East of England at National Grid’s Newcastle office. National Grid are threatening to close their Newcastle operation and offshore the work to low wage economies such as India. This comes despite National Grid making a massive profit of nearly £3billion, a 12% rise from the previous year, and being able to find thousands of pounds to pay for a Senior Executive to park his Ferrari in a dehumidified garage.
GMB is fighting to stop these job cuts and have launched a campaign to keep the Newcastle operation open. Please visit and sign the No.10 petition, contribute your views to the blog and support the campaign to save jobs in this time of major recession.
Many thanks for your time and help.
Gary Smith
GMB National Secretary

One thought on “Please Help To Stop Job Cuts At National Grid”

  1. The goverment seriously need to look at saving these jobs at the national grid to try and recover some faith from the working class to support them in the next election. Loss of jobs means loss of votes.

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