Reporting Leyton Crime Online

Leyton ward’s excellent Safer Neighbourhoods Team are piloting an on-line Safer Neighbourhood’s survey, for members of the community to register their concerns about crime related problems in the Leyton Ward area.

Sergeant Jonathan Clack, who heads Leyton’s team, believes that the online survey could be a useful tool in helping the Safer Neighbourhoods Team gather the most up to date data available about what’s happening in Leyton ward, with regards to crime and issues of community safety.

The survey is very easy to use and makes use of google maps.

The Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be able to access the data and see the results, helping them form a better picture of whether there are areas where they could better target the team’s resources.

The pilot still has another week left to run.

I’d urge any Leyton ward residents reading this to take part in the survey, by clicking here.

Congratulations to Leyton ward’s SNT!

This is an excellent initiative that’s to be welcomed.

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