Rethink Trident! – Breakfast with Vivienne!!!!

Bianca Jagger and Jon Trickett MP speak out against rushing a decision on Trident

Another day, another breakfast. This morning it was off to Westminster to take part in the ‘Rethink Trident‘ breakfast rally.

The parliamentary debate on whether to renew Trident is happening as we speak. At the time of writing, it is said that over sixty Labour MPs could rebel and vote against Parliament having to vote through a definitive decision, at the end of tonight’s debate, on whether Britain should renew its nuclear weapons (POST VOTE UPDATE: 95 Labour MPs voted against the government’s motion). The Rethink Trident campaign has been calling for the decision to be delayed until a new Prime Minister is in place.

With Fashion Legend Vivienne Westwood!!!!

Is that?!” “No, it can’t be“! I hear you say… Yep, you were right the first time, that really is Vivienne Westwood, the UK fashion legend – mingling with the ‘Rethink Trident’ campaigners over earl grey breakfast tea and sausage rolls!!!!

I have to say trying not to spill my breakfast down my front while gawping took some doing. Never in my life did I ever think I would find myself eating breakfast with Vivienne Westwood, at a Westminster anti-nuclear weapons rally!!! It was definitely a surreal experience 🙂

With Dame Anita Roddick

But Vivienne wasn’t the only “celeb” in da house. The rally’s Westminster lefties were also joined by Annie Lennox of Eurythmics and one of my absolute female heroines, Dame Anita Roddick (pictured above with me), founder of the Body Shop and Business Woman extraordinare!!!

Sausage rolls, lefty mates and glamourous celebs all in one place?

Call me shallow (I know, I know! :-)) but even though I have really enjoyed all the various events I’ve attended this week, for this glossy mags junkie with a fierce girlie streak, this morning’s celeb breakfast has won hands down!!! 🙂

For more information about the ‘Rethink Trident‘ campaign, click here.

To read the BBC’s tongue in cheek report of this morning’s celeb Trident breakfast click here.

One thought on “Rethink Trident! – Breakfast with Vivienne!!!!”

  1. How sad that New Labour, who once talked of ‘bold thinking’, relied on tired old Cold War rhetoric and could only argue a replacement is necessary due to an ‘uncertain future’. What future in international politics is even certain?

    Good to see Jon Trickett has pushed a strong line, and even though Jon Cruddas’ email consultation stayed on the safe side of wishy-washy it was good to see he voted against the main motion.

    And good to see Emily Thornberry join the rally outside Parliament.

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