Save the Beaumont Summer Scheme!

Harry Cohen MP with the BRATSS Committee

A group of mums living on the Beaumont Estate, Leyton, has formed a new group to save their children’s summer scheme. The Beaumont Residents And Tenants Summer Scheme’s (BRATSS) inaugural meeting was attended by Leyton MP, Harry Cohen, who pledged to assist the mums with their fight.

The summer play scheme has been running for the last three years. It organises trips for children and parents living on the estate during the six-week school summer holiday. In previous years the families have visited London Zoo, the Science Museum, South End and many other places all over the country. Most of those who participate are unable to afford the high prices charged for kids’ activities in the holidays and consider the summer activities – which are totally free to Beaumont residents – a financial lifeline.

However, the scheme now finds itself under threat due to cuts in funding. The group plans to lobby the leader of the council, to ask him to intervene. Amongst other activities the mums will be organising a petition and public meeting to draw attention to their plight. They will receive practical and administrative support from Jane Welfare Peck, a community development worker who lives and works on the Beaumont and me.

Susan Mills, Acting Chair of BRATSS says, “The families who use the Beaumont summer scheme don’t have a lot of money and if we can’t continue this year many of the kids will be devastated. The scheme has helped keep so many kids out of trouble and strengthened the sense of community between Beaumont residents. We are grateful to Harry Cohen MP, Jane and Miranda for their support. We hope we can save our summer scheme”.

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