Save the Stow!

Save the Stow!



The local Guardian is reporting that an “SOS” meeting with the stadium’s new owners and “Save the Stow” campaigners will soon go ahead.

Former England Footie International – and local boy – Teddy Sheringham, has joined the campaign and will lead a march around the track in protest at the Stow’s threatened closure.

This is excellent news!

Read the local Guardian’s article HERE.

FRIDAY AUGUST 15TH 2008 UDPATE: Does anyone know if there are any ‘Save Our Stow’ T-Shirts? Could you let me know if you do. Ta!

3 thoughts on “Save the Stow!”

  1. Hi
    I live in Southgate North London and have been going to ‘The Stow’ since i was 14 years old, am now 42.
    Walthamstow Stadium has certainly been important to me all these years. I just cannot believe the stadium is due to close.
    I even remember back to when a certain David Beckham collected glasses in the main enclosure.
    Has anyone tried to contact him to see if he could lend his support at all.

  2. Hi David, great idea to ask David Beckham to get involved!

    Maybe the local Guardian could write to him on behalf of their readers….

  3. Hi again, David, and other readers. Thought you’d be interested to know that the Waltham Forest Guardian is now reporting that Terry Sheringham’s got involved. I think that’s brilliant news. He’s got just as much clout as Mr Beckham round our way….

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