Victoria Climbie’s Memory Lives On

Monday night saw the inaugural annual Victoria Climbie lecture, to remember the life of eight year Victoria, who was so cruelly taken from us eight years ago.

As part of the Victoria Climbie Foundation’s relaunch, my good friend Jon Worth (who designed the website you’re currently visiting), designed a new website for the Foundation.

I think it’s a beautiful website and a fitting tribute to little Victoria.

To visit the Victoria Climbie Foundation’s new website go to:

2 thoughts on “Victoria Climbie’s Memory Lives On”

  1. Hi Collette, thanks for your post. I don’t agree though. Unfortunately, much as any government would like it, even the most authoritarian politicians do not have the powers to see what’s going on in every home. This tragedy could have happened anywhere. At least the Government acted on what happened, commissioned Lord Laming to produce a ground breaking report and then introduced ‘Every Child Matters’, which has led to the whole sale reorganisation of council education and children’s services nationwide. One of the reasons I take such a close interest in children’s and young people’s issues is because I hope a Victoria Climbie situation never ever happens in my ward. I think it is up to all local councillors and local stakeholders in an area (police, headteachers, Sure Start, Vicars and Imams and so on) to be more vigilant, get out into their local infants and primary schools and identify help for the children and families who clearly need it.

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