Barking and Dagenham say No to the BNP!

London Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron leads Barking's anti BNP protest

Congratulations to the Barking and Dagenham Alliance Against Racism and Facism for organising a well attended demonstration, at Barking and Dagenham Town Hall, to protest against the facist British National Party (BNP).

On Wednesday, I accompanied London’s Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron and Battle of Cable Street veteran Max Levitas to the protest, which was the second demonstration since the election of twelve BNP councillors, to Barking and Dagenham Council, back in May. The BNP are now Barking and Dagenham’s council’s official opposition party.

Protesting outside Barking & Dagenham Town Hall

I abhor the BNP and absolutely everything it stands for. If it were up to its members I would have already been deported – despite being born and bred in Britain – and as for becoming a local councillor? No chance!

With London's Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron and Cable St Veteran Max Levitas

It was a real honour to meet Max Levitas, (pictured centre) an Irish Jewish veteran of the Battle of Cable Street, which took place exactly seventy years ago. Max, who was aged only twenty-two at the time, took to the streets with thousands of anti-facist campaigners, to stop Oswald Mosley and his Black Shirts from marching through East London’s Cable Street. Max is a real inspiration and urged the demonstration’s protestors to keep fighting the racist BNP.

Deputy Mayor of London, Nicky Gavron (pictured left), also reaffirmed hers and Mayor Ken Livingstone’s commitment to fighting racism and facism.

It would be an absolute disgrace if the BNP won a seat in the London Assembly in the next London wide elections in 2008 – indeed, this vile so called “political party” only missed out on gaining a seat by less than half a percent last time around…

No to the BNP!

Groups like the Barking and Dagenham Alliance Against Racism and Facism deserve every Briton’s full support.

Go to to see how you can get involved.

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  1. i was in the protest (the one in the dark purple) and i think that one day there will be a mixture of people from different countries and we will get along. i think that its stupid being raciost or a facist

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