I’m backing Jon Cruddas for Deputy Leader

With Labour Party Deputy Leadership candidate Jon Cruddas MP

Dagenham MP Jon Cruddas (pictured with me above) launched his campaign for the Labour Party Deputy Leadership earlier tonight. I was really pleased to be there to show my support.

Jon Cruddas is a breath of fresh air. Here’s a candidate that wants to debate ideas and policy, has no baggage, is not ashamed of our party’s trade union link and also – and most importantly – has his feet placed firmly on the ground.
Jon Cruddas MP - a breath of fresh air

I can’t wait to start campaigning for Jon!

Go to www.joncruddas.org.uk to find out why Jon Cruddas is the best person to be the Labour Party’s next Deputy Leader.

5 thoughts on “I’m backing Jon Cruddas for Deputy Leader”

  1. I have decided to support Cruddas in the deputy leadership election too. Essentially I see him as being able to deliver the change that the party needs and I think separating being DPM and deputy party leader is something of a masterstroke that’ll flummox the cabinet wannabe’s

    But if you want my reasoning in more detail try this post on my blog at 1300 words it’s a little long for comments


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