Restoring St Mary’s Church Yard to its Former Glory

Rev Tim Davies shows me church wall graffitti

One of the most prominent land marks in Leyton is St Mary’s Parish Church on Church Rd. It is a powerful, towering building that inspires affection among all of Leyton’s communities whether or not they attend the church.

Unfortunately, over recent years, the condition of St Mary’s glorious church yard has somewhat deteriorated. Where there was once wild life, now there are dangerous needles and syringes left lying about.

On Monday, I took a tour around the church yard with Reverend Tim Davies and church warden David Hughes to see its condition for myself Continue reading “Restoring St Mary’s Church Yard to its Former Glory”

Aged 16-25? Lea Valley needs You!

The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, which does a lot of work around Leyton, has been asked to recruit as many volunteers as possible for a major conservation volunteering event taking place in September this year.

Even though the blurb highlights getting young people 16-25 involved, all are very much welcome. People who can lead groups are also needed.

Click on this red link to find out more:

Marsh Lane Fields get a Summer Clean Up

Marsh Lane Clean Up Day Advert

This morning, myself and Lea Bridge Councillor Masood Ahmad joined volunteers from the ‘Friends of Marsh Lane Fields’ group to carry out a summer clean up of the fields.

We spent three hours at the fields, clearing rubbish, removing broken glass and generally making the fields a cleaner, greener place to be Continue reading “Marsh Lane Fields get a Summer Clean Up”

Volunteers call for Bokashi Bonanza!

CompostingPat Brace, local Leyton resident and member of the Leyton Neighbourhood Forum, is trying to encourage more people to recycle their household waste. Over the last few months, Pat, accompanied by Steve Williams, Chair of the Leyton and Whipps Cross Community Council and Miranda Grell, local resident and volunteer, has been making weekly trips to the Sorenson and Clewer Courts on the Grange Estate to collect residents’ food waste from special green ‘Bokashi’ composting boxes provided by the Forest Recycling Project. Continue reading “Volunteers call for Bokashi Bonanza!”