Marsh Lane Fields Needs Your Vote!!!!!

Long time readers of this blog will remember that, back in May 2006, just after I was elected to Waltham Forest council, I wrote a little post about a clean up and litter picking session I was involved in with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), and one of my Labour councillor colleagues, at the Marsh Lane fields in nearby Lea Bridge ward (the pic above is from that session – you can re-read that post HERE).

Mark Blaxall (pictured above next to me on the left) who worked for BTCV at the time, but has since moved back to Australia, emailed me this morning to ask if any of this blog’s readers were aware of a new set of Greater London Authority (GLA) grants worth £400,000, being made available to clean up local parks.

The GLA is asking residents all over London to vote for which park they would like to see get some help.

As a loyal, life long and permanent resident of Leyton, I obviously want our potentially very beautiful Marsh Lane fields to win, so I therefore hope that everyone reading this post will visit the voting website and vote for Marsh Lane fields!!!!!

If Mark can take the time to be voting for Marsh Lane fields all the way from Australia, I hope residents currently living in Leyton will do their patriotic duty and do the same!!!!

You can vote for Marsh Lane by clicking HERE.

Happy voting and please spread the word about Marsh Lane!!!! 🙂

Display your Artistic Talent with Friends Of The Earth!

Helen Porter, from Waltham Forest Friends Of The Earth, has sent me details of the Art Exhibition FoE is hosting on Sunday 22nd July 2007, at the Lloyd Park Theatre, Forest Road, Walthamstow, E17.

The exhibition will be held on the same day as the borough’s annual ‘Green Fayre’ and Helen is inviting submissions from local artists, community groups and individuals, who’d like to take up this great opportunity to display their work.

If you’re interested or know someone who may be, click here to download a submission application form.

The HEET Project goes online

The HEET Project, a brilliant local not-for-profit organisation, which helps households and businesses to save money on fuel bills, stay warm and healthy at home, avoid becoming a victim of burglary or fire, and to save energy and cut carbon emissions has got a sparkly new website.

The HEET Project hopes its new website will help it reach more people and alert more Waltham Forest residents to the excellent services it provides Continue reading “The HEET Project goes online”

Restoring St Mary’s Church Yard to its Former Glory

Rev Tim Davies shows me church wall graffitti

One of the most prominent land marks in Leyton is St Mary’s Parish Church on Church Rd. It is a powerful, towering building that inspires affection among all of Leyton’s communities whether or not they attend the church.

Unfortunately, over recent years, the condition of St Mary’s glorious church yard has somewhat deteriorated. Where there was once wild life, now there are dangerous needles and syringes left lying about.

On Monday, I took a tour around the church yard with Reverend Tim Davies and church warden David Hughes to see its condition for myself Continue reading “Restoring St Mary’s Church Yard to its Former Glory”