No parking today please, we're cleaning the drains!

Who says being a local councillor means a life full of glamour? One of the biggest issues filling my mail bag and surgeries over recent months has been that hot topic of conversation, that riveting subject of many a town hall meeting, that burning national question on the tip of every local resident’s tongue: yes, you’ve guessed it: DRAINS!

This is what happenes when you have blocked drains

Leyton residents have been contacting me in droves to report flooding like that you can see above. I always used to think that drains were a bit of a joke, something you thought councillors did when they weren’t busy dodging dog mess or resolving neighbourly disputes about garden fences.

But no, drains are THE. HOT. POLITICAL. ISSUE. of the moment and an issue a good local councillor ignores at their peril! So, for the last two months, I have had my local environmental services department on speed dial, to lobby them to sort out Leyton’s drains! This week, they finally sent us the monster pictured below.

A powerful machine takes on Leyton's powerful drains

Never one to run away from getting my hands dirty (literally) and because I possess the nosey streak that I do, I thought I’d try my hand at a little of this drain cleaning business.

Cllr Grell gets her hands dirty - literally!

And do you know what? I rather enjoyed it. If I ever decide to retire from local politics… 🙂

Seriously though, blocked drains have been making Leyton ward’s roads an absolute misery. By posting this story, I just wanted to let local residents know that I am – literally! – on the case.

If there are any roads with blocked drains you haven’t yet spoken to me about, please do let me know!

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