Waltham Forest’s Citizenship Ceremony 101

With fellow Dominican turned Brit Maureen Paul

I attended Waltham Forest’s 101st Citizenship Ceremony, as guest of honour, on Wednesday morning. It was a fantastic and moving experience that lifted my spirits for the whole day. I was particularly delighted to present new British citizen Maureen Paul (pictured with me above) who comes from Dominica, where my family is from.

With a happy new British citizen

The Labour government introduced citizenship ceremonies in February 2004, as part of a wider agenda to celebrate citizenship in schools and local communities. I think they are a brilliant idea and they have been well received by the new British citizens who’ve taken part in them.

I have a little saying that Leyton is “the world in one place” and on Wednesday it really was.

Below are a few snaps of some the new British citizens I was privileged enough to meet and present with certificates confirming their new British citizenship.


Formally of Columbia

A new British family, formally of Columbia.


Mum and her two little pink ladies, formally of Jamaica, embrace their new nationality.

Sri Lanka

Britain welcomes Sri Lanka.


Her majesty smiles down on two of Waltham Forest’s new Turkish British residents.

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