The HEET Project goes online

The HEET Project, a brilliant local not-for-profit organisation, which helps households and businesses to save money on fuel bills, stay warm and healthy at home, avoid becoming a victim of burglary or fire, and to save energy and cut carbon emissions has got a sparkly new website.

The HEET Project hopes its new website will help it reach more people and alert more Waltham Forest residents to the excellent services it provides.

I think Leyton ward residents will find the site a useful resource.

Health and social care professionals, as well as crime prevention workers, will now also be able refer clients to receive HEET’s free services via the website.

All they have to do is go the HEET Project’s website and download an online referral form.

I think the HEET Project is a brilliant. I hope many more local people will now begin using its services.

Go to or call Tom Ruxton, HEET’s Project Co-ordinator on 020 8520 1900 to find out more!

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