I have just spent nine incredible weeks working on the Barack Obama campaign.

After the personal and professional trauma I went through last year, it was a joy to be part of something so positive and globally life changing.

Barack Obama will never know this, but by my being able to take part in his amazing campaign, he literally saved my life. Continue reading “Blessed”

Thanks Mel

Mel and Miranda Manchester 1997

I’ve just come back from the really, really nice hen weekend of Melanie, one of my best friends from University.

I met Mel in September 1997, when we signed up to do the same European Studies and Modern Languages degree at Manchester (see dodgy 1997 pic above of us in our full nineteen year old glory 🙂 )

In the first year, we also lived in the same halls, on the 17th floor of an absolute monstrosity called the ‘OP Tower’. I will never forget the almost NIGHTLY fire alarms that required me descending seventeen flights of stairs in my nightie – almost always because some bloke (and it usually was a bloke) had burnt his toast in his less than hygenic kitchen!!!! Continue reading “Thanks Mel”