Cherie Blair visits the Beaumont Estate

Cherie Blair, Miranda and Innman children

Cherie Blair visited Leyton this month. She went to the Beaumont Estate where she met many representatives from the local community. Here, Cherie receives flowers from Abigail, nine, Leah, eight, Benjamin, four, and Jemima, one.

Cherie with Beaumont Estate Residents

Cherie chats to residents of the Beaumont Estate.

Cherie with the African Caribbean Elders

Cherie meets our African Caribbean Elders club – they also sang a little tune together!

Cherie with Local Church Groups

Cherie talks to some of our local church groups and pastors.

Cherie with Yvonne Bailey & the Kreative Culture Klub

Cherie meets kids from the Kreative Culture Klub.

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