David Miliband meets Leyton’s red ladies

David Miliband MP, Cabinet Minister for Communities and Local Government, was in Leyton today to support Labour’s campaign in neighbouring Grove Green. He was charming and fab on the door step. There are not many government ministers I swoon over but 🙂 …………

David and I meet Terence, a 19 year old college student interested in finding a job as an electrician or in the painting and decorating trade. I gave him some information about projects happening in the borough.

David ends his visit with the obligatory handshake. What a lovely man! Swooooooooon 🙂

One thought on “David Miliband meets Leyton’s red ladies”

  1. Miranda, you are incredible! How do you manage to get SO many of these high profile people coming to your patch? I feel very privileged that the website is at least letting a few people know about it… 🙂

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