2 thoughts on “Finally – Support for Facebook Refuseniks!”

  1. Agh, you will eventually succumb to it, just the same way as everyone adopted TV, radio, e-mail, the internet. Resistance is futile!

    You could join Twitter instead.

  2. Yeah right! How long have you known me, Mr Worth? Long enough to know that I’m a very stubborn mule, particularly when to comes to anything that threatens my cosy, luddite world and – in particular – exposes to an internet full of strangers: a) who I do or do not know, b) who I am or am not friends with, c) to which parties/bars I may or may not be going to that night, etc……. I know I have this website (thank you again, dearest) but at least I only write about the aspects of my life I WANT people to know about – and normally after the event. I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of a load of strangers knowing who all my friends are. I therefore can’t see in what circumstance I will ever join FaceBook but you’re welcome (among the many others who keep pestering me) to keep trying to convert me 🙂

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