Open Letter to Trade Union Reps and Local Officials

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An open letter to all trade union reps and local officials

Trade Union courses in Hertfordshire starting April 2009

Dear Brother/Sister

We want get people signed up early for the April TUC courses which run at the Herts Trade Union Learning Centre in Watford. The centre is right next to Watford Junction railway station.

Please see the enclosed forms, HERE and HERE , which give you details. Union Reps Stage 1, Stepping Up (formerly Union Reps Stage2), Health and Safety Stage 1, and Next Steps for Safety Reps (formerly Health and Safety Stage 2) are available to all union representatives and last for ten days, one day a week.


Over the years we have trained thousands of union reps in the county. However, it is not an easy task getting enough people on these courses to make them viable. Therefore, I need your input in ensuring that our courses are advertised as widely as possible. Our remit is to build the trade union movement with well-trained representatives; something that becomes more crucial every year. Therefore, if you cannot book a course for yourself, please ensure that the enclosed form is photocopied, given to union representatives, and placed on union notice boards.

All our courses are free to union members and taught by experienced tutors. The list you will see in the attachment is not exclusive, and provided we can get a dozen people on a course that your member might want, we will run it. Just let me know your requirements. The only course we have to run at Dunstable College is the Introduction to Computing for Trade Unionists. All others are in Hertfordshire. (However, even this might be available in Watford in January. Just phone to ask).


You will also see a grey box at the bottom of the enclosed form giving details of the TUC’s Diploma Certificate courses in Occupational Health, Employment Law, and Contemporary History. The Occupational Health Certificate course is for people who have either achieved Health and Safety Stage 2 (or Next Steps for Safety Reps), or in the case of Employment Law, are trade union activists. They are for three terms; thirty-six weeks in all. Successful ‘completers’ will obtain a level 3 Open College Network (OCN) certificate. However, whether it is the diploma course, or a straight forward Union Reps Stage 1, the OCN also certificate these as well.

Hope you can help us build these courses.

Many thanks.

Ged Peck

TUC Hertfordshire Course Coordinator

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