Harry’s Safer Neighbourhoods Coffee Morning

Harry Cohen MP and I with our local Safer Neighbourhoods Police Teams

Following the success of a coffee morning we held during the 2006 local election campaign, my fantastic local MP Harry Cohen (pictured above far left) hosted a New Year Coffee Morning for residents of Leyton and Grove Green wards on Saturday morning.

PC Bozlur Rahman talks about the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams

We were delighted to be joined by the Leyton and Grove Green ward Safer Neighbourhood Teams, who spent some time to talking to local residents about any problems they were experiencing with crime or anti-social behaviour.

Harry holds court

The coffee morning was also a brilliant way for Harry to have an informal chat, over a cup of tea and a biscuit, to see how local residents were feeling about life in general. Harry is a really personable and down to earth MP. He really charmed the crowd and many people went away happy to have spent some time with him.

With beautiful family Cassandra, Tequira, Tarell and Tenayah

It was lovely for me to spend some proper time with my own ward constituents. Having done lots of case work for mum Cassandra (pictured with me above) but only ever having spoken to her on the phone up until this morning, it was great to put a name to a face and meet her and her three beautiful children Tequira, Tarell and Tenayah (all pictured) in the flesh.

Thank You to Julia and Andrew!

Thank you so much again to Grove Green ward stalwarts Julia and Andrew Lock (pictured directly to the right of Harry, with PC Lynn Young, PCSO Tasha Slavnich, PCSO Jon Barclay, and PC Bozlur Rahman) for running a military coffee morning operation.

Julia and Andrew work really hard for my local Labour party and the local area. They are two huge reasons why ordinary Labour party members and activists on the ground should be cherished instead of harangued.

Well done again to Harry, Julia and Andrew for hosting an excellent New Year Coffee Morning!

For more information about the local Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, go to: www.met.police.uk/walthamforest/saferneighbourhoods.htm#00BHGM

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  1. He is indeed. Harry is a great source of support for me as the one Labour councillor in my ward and he is fantastic with local people. I will pass on your kind comments to him 🙂

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