I Love Whipps Cross! – Waltham Forest demonstrates to Save Whipps Cross Hospital

Crowd gathers at the Save Whipps Cross rallywww.savewhippscross.org) organised a superb march and rally on Saturday, for local people to take to the streets and continue our borough’s campaign to keep Whipps Cross hospital a full, district general hospital.

Local residents from all parts of the borough joined all three of Waltham Forest’s MPs; Neil Gerrard, MP from Walthamstow, Harry Cohen, MP from Leyton and Wanstead, and Iain Duncan Smith, MP from Chingford and Woodford Green; Local Councillors from all three of the main political parties; and Waltham Forest’s London Assembly Member and Chair of the London Health Commission, Jennette Arnold.

Harry C is interviewed during the march

The buoyant mood of Saturday’s march was set earlier on in the week in the House of Commons, when Harry Cohen MP (pictured above being interviewed during the march) led a brilliant debate in the Chamber on the future of Whipps Cross. You can read the debate by clicking here.

I felt really proud to be part of the Waltham Forest community on Saturday.

We will continue to keep up the pressure on the Waltham Forest PCT.

The ‘I Love Whipps Cross’ campaign is far from over!


Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party at the start of the march

Members of the Leyton and Wanstead Constituency Labour Party gather in Forest View Avenue to begin the march.

Demo heads off

Demo heads off.

With Wanstead Labour Party Member Mary Tuffin

Working off last week’s quota of chocolate with Wanstead Branch Labour party member Mary Tuffin (pictured left).

CLP Chair Greg Eglin and Treasurer Brian Madican with Leyton & Wanstead's gorgeous banner

There at last! Leyton and Wansted Labour party Chair Greg Eglin (pictured left) and local Labour party Treasurer Brian Madican (pictured right) enjoy a rest after the long march carrying the CLP’s gorgeous banner.

Crowd gathers to hear the speeches

Crowds gather in Walthamstow Town Centre to hear the speeches.

The Save Whipps Cross Campaign Chair Charlotte Monro

Save the Whipps Cross’ Chair, Charlotte Monroe (pictured above) kicks off the rally’s speeches. Other speakers included Neil Gerrard MP, Iain Duncan Smith MP, Jennette Arnold AM, and Yusuf Hansa, Imam to Leyton ward’s Noor Ul Islam mosque.

It's all George Bush's fault

I just couldn’t resist posting this photo 🙂

Last time I checked, George Bush wasn’t running the Waltham Forest PCT but hey….

Love ’em or hate ’em, a demo just wouldn’t be a demo without Socialist Worker 😉

4 thoughts on “I Love Whipps Cross! – Waltham Forest demonstrates to Save Whipps Cross Hospital”

  1. Good to see the people of Waltham Forest not taking the cuts lying down. What needs to be done ASAP is to link up all the various campaigns against hospital cuts taking place up and down the country. Though they refuse to say it these cuts *are* government policy, and so a strong, united movement is needed to face them down!

    PS When we had our NHS demo in Stoke, one of the local “characters” came along sporting a ‘Bush + Blair = Fascism’ banner. Not the most appropriate of slogans but there you go.

    PPS Aha! My comrades got in on the act in the photo 3rd from bottom!

  2. Hi Sociologist, I wasn’t aware of the campaign in Stoke. Thanks for the info.

  3. Excellent Day – I’m so proud to be the London Assembly Member for Waltham Forest – Sunshine and marching with comrades determined to save their District General Hospital.

  4. And we are extremely proud to have you as our Assembly Member, Jennette. Lots of love. Miranda. xx

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