It’s Official: They really are the best in the world!

With Frank, Ebony and Juliet from the Leyton Street Wardens

Just a little update to inform you that Ebony Vincent, (pictured next to me on the left) who was nominated for an award at the National Street Wardens awards back in August, beat hundreds of street wardens from all over the country to become the 2006 “Street Warden of the Year!”

Harry Cohen MP and I are absolutely delighted.

As previous visitors to this site will recall, Harry and I wrote letters of support for Ebony back in August (see the ‘August’ section of this site for the full story).

Read the letter that Harry Cohen MP wrote here and my letter here.

Well done, Ebony, and all the team at the Leyton Street Wardens!

We are so proud of you! xx

2 thoughts on “It’s Official: They really are the best in the world!”

  1. Thank you so much for all your support and continued hard work in Leyton. It is refreshing to have a Councillor who has as much passion as I have for Leyton, this is just the beginning!!

  2. It is a pleasure. We really are so lucky to have you guys working in our area. See you soon and lots of love. Miranda.

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