Welcoming Sybourn’s New Children’s Centre

Leyton families enjoy Sybourn's new Children's Centre

A few days before rushing up to Manchester, for this year’s Labour Party Conference, I celebrated the opening of the first of North Leyton’s two new children’s centres, based at Sybourn School. I will be representing Waltham Forest Council on the Sybourn children centre’s new board.

Gary Nash, North Leyton Children's Centre Manager

Gary Nash (pictured above centre, giving his speech) deserves a special thanks for his hard work as North Leyton Sure Start’s Programme Manager. Gary has only been with us, in Leyton, for a few months but he is really making his presence felt, and is liked and respected by Leyton parents and colleagues alike.

Another huge thanks must go to Lorna (pictured with Gary on the far left) for being the back bone of North Leyton Sure Start for so many years. Lorna, Marjorie and the rest of the Sure Start Team have done a sterling job in helping hundreds of Leyton’s low income families.

Lorna and Gary say thank you to parent Anna

But the day was not only to thank Sure Start’s staff, we also paid tribute to the many parents who have devoted a lot of time to making North Leyton Sure Start a success. One of the parents to receive a special thank you was Anna (pictured above left), a Leyton ward resident, who has used Sure Start on a regular basis and played a full role in its parent group.

Lorna presents parent Moira with some thank you flowers

Moira (pictured left, receiving flowers from Sure Start’s Lorna,) is another local parent, who has worked extremely hard to assist Sure Start and contribute to its work. I am hoping that both Moira and Anna will stay involved by joining the parent group of the new children’s centre.

The Suleman Pauls and their dog

I feel extremely passionate about Sure Start and the new Children’s Centres. Sure Start was the first ever family initiative to empower Britain’s parents and give them a real say in the running of their children’s services. It is one of the government initiatives that has made me most proud to be a Labour party member.

Two more satisfied customers

Let’s hope that many more of North Leyton’s parents will have the opportunity to be a part of Sybourn’s new Children’s Centre and enjoy its wonderful new activities and facilities. I can’t wait for Leyton’s second children’s centre, which will be based at former Church Mead School, to open next year.

Sybourn Children's Centre new Playground

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to know more about your services. I am wondering whether you got any vaccancies . I am looking for places for my little boy who is going to be 3 yrs in coming march.
    Please let me know whether you got any vaccancies.
    Thanks for your help.
    Regards, Lincy

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