Lammy Lays into LibDem’s Library Lies!

Local protestors make our voices heard

David Lammy MP, Government Minister for Libraries, visited Leyton Library today to learn more about the scandal engulfing the local Liberal Democratic party.

Mr Lammy was shocked to hear that local Liberal Democrat councillors proposed selling Leyton Library in the town hall BUT THEN ALSO started a petition AGAINST selling it because of May’s local council elections.

Showing David around Leyton library

I showed Mr Lammy around Leyton library so he could see for himself the lack of space, lack of disabled access and poor state of the building. Library staff told us there is just no room to expand.

At a council meeting on Wednesday, the Lib Dems voted with the Tories to suspend the entire borough’s libraries renovation programme until after the election when it will be “reviewed”.

If there is a joint Tory and LibDem administration…we know what “review” will mean: CUTS!

David Lammy MP told protestors, “I have seen LibDem dirty tricks before but proposing a policy in the Town Hall AND opposing it locally is just plain wrong”.

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  1. While I’m sure you are quite right, I think you got a bit carried away with the alliteration in the heading of this post! 🙂

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