Supporting Our Kreative Culture Klub

Presenting KCK member Natalie with an award

Tonight I attended, and gave a speech at, a brilliant end of term show put on by the kids from the Kreative Culture Klub (KCK).

The Kreative Culture Klub was the brain child of local poet and tireless community activist, Yvonne Bailey. Yvonne works unpaid to support these kids – many of them from deprived backgrounds – to celebrate their talent through song, dance and poetry.

KCK also runs Sunday “discussion sessions” where the children, all aged between 4 and 18, come together to talk about serious issues concerning them. I attended one of the sessions back in January and was astounded by how mature the kids were. Leyton has a bright future indeed if these kids ever become in charge!

Supplementary schools like KCK give deprived children – many of whom come from the Black and Minority Ethnic communities – the opportunity to celebrate their worth as well as raise their educational attainment.

That is why the leader of the council has made a political commitment that should he become leader of a Labour controlled council after May 4th, the KCK will no longer have to struggle to pay for its premises. The council will give KCK – and the borough’s other nineteen supplementary schools – premises for free.

Tireless KCK co-ordinator Yvonne Bailey

That is also why I am working with my colleagues on the council to help the Kreative Culture Klub find the long term sustainable funding it needs; We want to give the Leyton parents who attended tonight’s show the opportunity to enjoy their kids’ talents for just that little bit longer.

For more information about the Kreative Culture Klub email: or call co-ordinator Yvonne Bailey (pictured right) on 020 8529 5455.

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