Supporting Migrant Workers at TUC Congress 2006

At Congress 2006 with TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber

With Brendan Barber, Head of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), earlier this week, at this year’s annual TUC Conference (“Congress”) in Brighton.

I love going to Congress. It always reminds me why I believe so strongly in the unions’ core values of solidarity, equality, community and social justice.

Congress is the place where working men and women, from all over Britain, come together to express their solidarity with workers who are being exploited and oppressed; to fight for better conditions and rights at work; and to remind the Labour party not to forget about the issues that matter to “our” people.

I was fortunate enough to observe Monday afternoon’s debate on migrant workers, where Congress voted to reaffirm the strong position it has adopted over recent years, of expressing solidarity with people who’ve moved to Britain, to work and make a better life.

I welcome the Congress 2006 declaration on this issue. Migrant workers have helped to make London, in particular, the fantastic city that it is; too many of them are still being exploited.

I always encourage working people to join a trade union.

I never stop nagging my friends – particularly those in my own age range – to become a trade union member and enjoy better job security, healthier and safer workplaces and better working conditions. This is not just my view, but the evidence of thousands of academic studies the world over.

It’s may be a cliche, but in the workplace – as in life – we really are stronger together.

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