Waltham Forest welcomes the Council of 2006

Check out that bling bling gown!

We’re off!

Waltham Forest Council held its Annual General Meeting on the 25th of May.

The meeting agreed the Council’s Leader, Cabinet Members and this year’s Mayor. It also agreed which councillors will sit on which committees over the coming year.

Internally, I will sit on the Children’s and Young People’s Scrunity Panel, Tenants Council and the Performance and Improvement Panel. Externally, I now represent the Council as the Chair of the Leyton and Whipps Cross Community Council and sit on the board of regeneration board O-Regen. I have also joined the board of the North Leyton Children’s Centre and have a number of other external projects, I wish to pursue, in the pipeline.

Labour Group 2006

As the largest elected political group, Labour holds six out the ten available cabinet positions.

I will keep you fully informed of further developments.

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