What do we want? More parks!

With eight year old Brian - a future Leyton ward councillor

Whilst out and about talking to my neighbours this morning, I was accosted by eight year old Brian, who wanted to know what I was doing with a pen and a clipboard marching up and down his road, asking people nosey questions.

I told him that to make sure his street remained a nice place to live in, I was asking his neighbours their views on what could be improved.

This was one eight year old that wasn’t going to let me get away!

“More parks” he demanded! “And more McDonalds!”

I was pleased that at least Leyton’s younger generation wants to express itself. It makes a refreshing change from some adults I meet who “can’t be bothered” to get involved in their community or who “don’t think they’ll have time” to spend one minute marking a cross on a ballot paper on May the 4th.

If you know an adult that’s not planning to vote in the local elections this May, ask them to reconsider – so we can get eight year old Brian some more parks!

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