Murad and Jennette show their support for Leyton

Outside the Caribbean elders club

Murad Qureshi AM and Jennette Arnold AM, Labour members of the Greater London Assembly, came to Leyton today to show their support for the work I have been doing around the ward.

We knocked on doors in Brewster Rd to talk to residents about what issues they wanted their London Assembly Members to take back to Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London.

I couldn’t let Jennette go without popping into 603 High Road Leyton, to see the ladies from the African Caribbean elders club. They too are very grateful for all the assistance she has given them over the years.

With Murad Qureshi AM on the doorstep
With Murad Qureshi AM on the doorstep

 What a funny man! Jennette and I have a giggle
What a funny man! Jennette and I have a giggle

Leyton's red and black ladies get together
Leyton’s red and black ladies take Brewster Rd by storm!

2 thoughts on “Murad and Jennette show their support for Leyton”

  1. Hello Miranda

    This is Robert. What can I say?!! Dont give up your day job may be good guidance, based on the above!

    Seriously though, thank for your efforts. Would like to see Labour around after election time though, and more public meetings! When is the last time Ms Arnold had a public mtg in Waltham Forest which was advertised well in advance in the local press?

    To be fair I could ask the same of the Tories and Lib Dems regarding Greater London & Assembly issues.

    Take care

  2. Robert, as you know, I have been around Leyton my whole life and DEFINITELY not just at election time. I do agree with you that more public meetings would be a good thing and will speak to Jennette about this. Have a lovely weekend. Miranda

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