A Charmed Life

If you’re not doing anything at 2pm on the 14th of November, I’d recommend you popping along to the London South Bank’s British Film Institute to see an excellent docu-film about Hackney resident and Jamaican-born World War II veteran Eddie Noble, directed and produced by my good friend Cllr Patrick Vernon.

I had the privilege of watching a screening of ‘A Charmed Life’ when it previewed at the Hackney Museum earlier this year – it is a fabulous film about an extremely interesting man.

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Confirmed (Part II)

With St John's superb Reverend Raymond Draper after my confirmation

I don’t normally talk about my faith in public as I consider it a private matter and because I don’t believe that having a faith makes you a “better” person than someone who doesn’t.

Indeed, over the last two years, the people I have received the greatest love and support from are hardcore Atheists who are proud to be so. These friends have actually been more “Christian” than half the religious people I knew from the period when I had a “perfect life” – I wouldn’t be without my Atheist friends for the world.

However, St John’s Church in Leytonstone has also been a major part of my life over the last two years and in May I was confirmed there. The fabulous Reverend Raymond Draper (with whom I’m pictured above at the confirmation service) asked me to write an article on my experience for St John’s October edition of ‘Good News’, which has just come out.

Seeing as the print version of the article is now all over Leytonstone, I see no reason not to reproduce it here.

I thank Rev Raymond Draper and Rev Kathryn Robinson again for everything they’ve done for me over the last two years. Alongside my family, Atheist and non-Atheist friends, I wouldn’t have survived without them.

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More is definitely in George Mitchell School!

THIS excellent news about George Mitchell school’s 2009 GCSE results has made my summer.

To compare this to where we were last summer shows just what can be achieved when communities gives strong moral support to teachers working in schools like George Mitchell; when teachers instill a ‘can do’ attitude in pupils no matter what their background; and when Government gives schools like George Mitchell as much funding and outside intervention as they need – instead of giving the impression that it would rather support those who steal from them.

Formidable George Mitchell Headteacher Helen Jeffery has issued a press release celebrating the results, which you can download HERE.

Four years after I became properly involved with the school, I remain proud and grateful that its excellent teachers remain strongly committed to George Mitchell, resulting in much needed stability for the pupils who go there.

Well done again to all of George Mitchell school’s superb teachers for continuing to give Leyton ward’s future generations a brighter future.

Good News for George Mitchell School

It would be churlish of me not to acknowledge this very good news.

Saying that, however, had George Mitchell received its rightful share of money from the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF) 2004 – 2006 ‘Youth At Risk’ programme (it didn’t receive a penny despite protestations to the contrary), the school need never have been included on the National Challenge list in the first place.

I am delighted that the Government finally appears to be supporting George Mitchell’s pupils, parents and wonderful staff – as opposed to the people who sought to attack them.